Is the first center to acquire services and advanced technologies for the health, the natural nutrition, the hygiene and for the environment.


  • Air Cleaners - Industrials and Civils
  • Industrial Plants for the aspiration
    and the purification of aerodispersed pollutants,
    toxic smokes and Purification of emissions

Ozone Generators

  • Ozone Generators
  • Bio-filters
  • Systems for the disinfection of the meats
  • Ozonizers for ozone-therapy
  • Natural healing oil
  • System for the sterilization of special wastes


  • Ecofiltro: System for the disinfection of
    conditioning systems and thermo-ventilation

  • Sterilizers for rooms and tools
  • Technologies and solutions
    for the dental field

  • Cleaning areas
  • Sterilizing Cupboards
  • Sterilizers for mattress
  • Sterilizers for hands